Wedding & Prom Dresses

We understand that your wedding day is the biggest day of your life. So if you have seen the perfect wedding dress but it doesn’t quite fit, we can alter it to suit your shape.

Making Necessary Gown Adjustments

 Maybe your dress is a family heirloom that is a little too big, or maybe your size has changed since you eyed up that perfect dress. Whatever your reasons for making alterations, we can make that bridal magic happen.

Swift and Meticulous Gown Alterations

Our service is professional and quick, so you can get back to planning your wedding with minimal hassle. We know that planning a wedding is stressful, which is why we streamline our service for your peace of mind

Wedding Gown Adjustments in Swindon

• Wedding Gown Size Alterations

• Gown Remodelling and Restyling

• Wedding Dress Modernisations

• Bridesmaid Dress Adjustments

• Prom and Evening Gown Alterations

• Vintage Dress Adjustments

First Appointment

We would suggest that you bring the wedding dress to us at your earliest convenience, remembering to bring your shoes and underwear. We will perform an initial consultation, pin the garment and advise you of costs. If you are happy with the costs and go ahead we will keep your dress and agree a date with you for your first fitting. This is usually 6 weeks prior to your wedding. This saves you from having to transport your dress and eliminates any risk of damaging it.


Prior to your wedding you will visit us on the agreed date and we will then check and adjust the dress accordingly. One week later the work to your dress will be carried out and we will check with you how the dress fits. If there are any final tweaks or adjustments, we will re-pin and adjust the dress, or if you are happy with the dress, you will collect the dress and take it with you. Please bear in mind, that sometimes more than one fitting might be required to deliver you the perfect wedding dress.

All fittings are free. We only charge for the work we perform and you only pay for the work we agree to do once. For example, if we take in the dress and it still does not fit correctly when you try the dress on, we do not charge again.

Bridesmaid Dress Alteration

Is one of your best friends getting married and you have been asked to be a bridesmaid or are you a bride and your bridesmaid needs to have her dress altered? At West Tailoring & Alterations we can perform any type of alteration, re-styling or re-sizing to a bridesmaid dress. Whether it needs to be completely re-styled or simply tweaked to look more flattering, we can help. Our seamstresses have at least 15 years of experience so we can assure you that your dress will be in the best possible hands. You can trust us with any type of alterations from simple hems to major modifications, any type of fabric, detail or embellishment. We have the experience of working on beautiful laces, luxury fabrics, and materials that overall are not easy to alter. We will make sure the dress  fits you precisely and we won’t be happy with the result until you are.

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  • Jen
    12 Jan 2017

    Hi there
    I have a wedding dress that I’ve already bought in a size 16, however I have slimmed down to a size 14 and will continue to lose weight before my wedding on 10 June 2017. When is the latest date you could alter my dress to be ready and how much would this be ? Many thanks

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