Curtain Alterations

When you choose the perfect curtains, you want them to frame your windows neatly. If your curtains are too long or short, we use our expertise to make them right again

Giving Old Curtains a New Lease of Life

Curtains play an important role in the way your rooms look. When you move house and take yours with you, they might not fit anymore. Don’t let length and width issues stop your curtains from looking neat. Let us adjust them for you instead

Paying Attention to the Little Details

Our curtain tailoring service goes beyond forming the perfect length. We can make tie-backs and valances, so you can hang your curtains with ease.

Do your curtains need widening? Or maybe they are too wide? Come to us with your measurements and we will produce curtains that complement your room’s design.

Our Curtain Tailoring Service:

To create curtain perfection, we can:

• Lengthen Curtains

• Shorten Curtains

• Adjust Curtain Width

• Re-Line Old Curtains

• Create Tie-Backs from Offcuts

• Form Valances from Offcuts

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